Bremer County Musicians!

The Bremer County Historical Society (501c3 non profit) is planning to offer space for small weddings (15 individuals & 1 hour maximum). We would like to have available a list of local musicians who are able to play a pump organ or any other acoustic instrument. The following information is what we would like to have:

Musician's Business name

Musician's Name

Town where you have your office

Contact information (website, phone, email)

If you plan to donate a portion of your fee from the weddings held at BCHS, please indicate that as well. (Dollar amount is not necessary, just if you plan to donate. If you do not plan to donate back to BCHS, you do not need to indicate that.)

This information can be emailed to:

Please make the subject “BCHS Wedding Music” so it can be searched and easily found.

Thank You!

Priscilla Blanchard

Vice President, Board of Directors

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