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Dusting and Cleaning

We all try to keep our homes tidy, perhaps you enjoy cleaning and would like to help us keep the artifacts in the museum looking their best!  If you prefer to just donate so we can purchase cleaning supplies, that's ok.  Every little bit helps!

Garden Care

We are so thankful for the Waverly Garden Club!  They have provided us with window boxes for many years.  If you are interested in helping us with our garden, please feel free to come pull weeds, rake, shovel snow in the winter, plant flowers, so many things to do!  

Building Fund

Space.  The final frontier.  There is so very little space available.  Especially in a museum.  We need to expand and rebuild the rear section of the museum.  We need to install a new elevator (we have been told our existing elevator is unable to be repaired).  We need new lighting, better display cases, HVAC that includes air purifier/cleaner and dehumidifier, we need a new roof (ours leaks).  We need storage space as well.  This will be an ongoing wish list for sure.  A new roof alone will be in the $14,000 range.  So please, donate your time or your money if you are able.  

Utilities for the Museum

We all have utilitles for our homes.  Heat and Air Conditioning, Water and Garbage, all of those things that are necessary.  The museum is no different.  We would love to be open for business all year, but the fact is, the cost of heating in the winter and cooling in the summer is just too much for us to handle on our own.  Our yearly expenses are approximately $6500 - $8000. (That comes out to $550 - $675 per month)  I know what you're thinking... "Why not get a grant for this?"  Well, because grants for operating expenses are very VERY rare and hard to find.  We would be overjoyed to have you help!

Website Maintenance

We have this website, but it costs money to keep it running.  We would be thrilled if you wanted to provide us with the monthly cost of $16 to keep our website up and running smoothly.

Internet Service for the Museum

The museum currently has no internet connectivity.  We have been quoted by the Waverly Fiberoptics that the cost will be $100 per month.  This would provide us with the ability to network our museum computer offering us more capability for inventory tracking, it would provide the museum with a PHONE, it would provide the museum with a hot spot for guests, it would allow the museum to accept credit cards and the list goes on.  

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