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The Bremer County Historical Society is much more than a collection of fabulous artifacts.  We are a clearing house for information about old and largely forgotten villages and post offices; cemeteries and geneology; notable citizens of days past, including town and county founders and other early settlers; economic history of the county and how things have changed; railroads; the Waverly airbase; history of individual towns within the county; and topics too numerous to list.  


We are also a source of speakers for meetings or special occasions.  We encourage teachers to bring their classes to the museum or we can come to your school.  Getting kids interested in local history is a key to maintaining the link between past and present.  


We maintain close ties with local libraries and other museums, so if we don't have or know something, we know where to get help.  The BCHS: one-stop shopping for all your historical needs!


Looking for information, a speaker or a particular item?


We'll get to work to help you find what you're looking for.  

Bremer County Cities


Waverly  (established 1854)

Denver  (established 1855)

Frederika  (established 1868)

Janesville (established 1850)

Sumner  (established 1870)

Plainfield  (established 1866)

Tripoli (established 1856)

Readlyn  (established 1903 )

Bremer County Townships

Bremer County Extinct Towns

Artesian (1893-1903)

Balesville (1951-2002)


Bremer Centre (1857-1861)

Buck Creek (1862-1903)

Horton (1856-1903)


Jefferson City (became Denver) (1855-1863)

Klinger (1889-1903)

Knittel (1887??)



Siegel (1889-1940s)

Spring Lake (1857-)




Waverly Junction

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