Board President

Jill Everding

Jill has been a volunteer for the historical society since 2012.  She has served as President since 2019.


Board Vice President

Priscilla Blanchard

Priscilla has been a volunteer for the historical society since 2015.   She has served on the Executive Team since 2018.  She heard the ghost story and wanted to find out what happened to the woman.  The book she wrote is available to purchase, proceeds go to the historical society.


Board Secretary

Rosemary Weidler

Rosemary has been helping since 2019

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Board Treasurer

David Huser

David has been minding the books since 2018.

volunteer 1.png

Board Member

Barb Lovejoy-Hess

Barb has been a helpful member of the team since 2019.


Board Member

Gena Mackamul

Gena started on the board in 1997 as the secretary.  She is currently focusing more on writing grants for the society.

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Board Member

Merlene DeVries

Merlene has been a volunteer for many years.