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Around the Country

The Bremer County Historical Society Museum happens to be located in Waverly, but be assured it is dedicated to recognizing the contributions and unique character of ALL the towns and villages in Bremer County.  Throughout the museum are artifacts and exhibits featuring Janesville, the oldest municipality in the county; Readlyn, a railroad town famous for its annual Grump Days festivities; Tripoli, guaranteed to be mispronounced by those unfamiliar with its surprise pronunciation; Sumner, the easternmost city in the county; Denver, famously acclaimed as "The Mile Wide City"; Plainfield, an early stop on the north-south stage line that connected Cedar Falls, Waverly and points north; and of course, Frederika, which takes its name, as does the county, from Fredrika Bremer, the world-famous Swedish novlist and pioneer feminist who so impressed Iowa's first governor that he named the new county in the northeast part of the state "Bremer" in her honor.   

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